Booking Terms & Refund Policy

This policy relates only to tickets purchased directly from Last Call Ticketing by phone or online through our website We take no responsibility for tickets sold at the door by the event organiser or by any third party sellers.

Ticket Purchases, Payment, Delivery

• Tickets may be purchased online or by phone

• Last Call Ticketing accepts most major credit cards as payment and does not accept cash payment

• Last Call Ticketing requests that you provide an email address at time of purchase to receive delivery of your receipt and tickets. If you do not receive your receipt and tickets within 24 hours of purchase, then please contact after checking your spam/junk email mailbox.

Presenting Tickets at Venue

Purchasers are asked to bring a printed or electronic copy of their ticket to show at the venue doors upon entry. Last Call Ticketing takes no responsibility for the availability of tickets for purchase at the door.

Where concessions are applicable, valid identification may be required by staff at the event.


Last Call Ticketing will only offer a refund of a ticket if an event is cancelled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated (and you cannot or do not wish to attend a rescheduled or relocated event if available), or to the extent otherwise required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law). In these circumstances, all liability is limited to the original amount for which the ticket was purchased (including any fees or charges). Last Call Ticketing will contact the original ticket purchaser to arrange any refunds or organise a ticket exchange to another performance.

Last Call Ticketing will not be liable for any other losses incurred by you as a result of the cancellation, rescheduling or relocation of an event, including any travel and accommodation expenses.

Last Call Ticketing does not offer refunds as a result of a change in your personal circumstances, your dislike or dissatisfaction with the performance, your late attendance, where you are refused entry or evicted, or for the use of an understudy.

You are not entitled to a refund if your ticket was free or complimentary.

No refunds are available on any unused part of annual subscription packages/ season passes (except due to cancellated of an event, where no alternative was made available and where the event organiser has permitted refunds).

Refunds may be permitted for other reasons determined on a case by case basis.


Last Call Ticketing may offer an exchange of a ticket for another ticket in the same series of events (where the ticket price, venue and organiser are the same and where the organiser chooses to permit transfer of tickets). This is only applicable where tickets for another suitable event are on sale at the time the exchange is requested. All requests must be made in a timely manner and may be denied in circumstances where the event organiser may experience unacceptable financial loss as a result of the exchange.

Authenticity and Validity of Tickets

If there are multiple parties attempting to enter a performance using the same ticket then the person who originally purchased the ticket will have precedence.

Last Call Ticketing takes no responsibility for the validity and authenticity of tickets purchased from third parties, ticket resellers or scalpers.


Last Call Ticketing takes responsibility to correct or refund any incorrect purchases processed on a customer’s behalf as the result of an administration error by staff.

While Last Call Ticketing takes all reasonable care to ensure that tickets are correctly priced and only available for sale when intended, errors may occur. Last Call Ticketing may cancel an order made as a result of any such error, and will endeavour to contact you to resolve the issue.

For any queries, please contact

Consumer Laws

The provision of an Event is considered a ‘service’ and not a ‘good’ for the purposes of Consumer Laws.

In summary, the Consumer Guarantees in relation to Events include a guarantee that the services will be:

• rendered with due care and skill; and

• reasonably fit for the particular purpose for which they are acquired; and

• delivered within a reasonable time.

If the services fail to comply with any Consumer Guarantee, your remedies include:

• the right to require the failure to be rectified within a reasonable time if the failure is not a ‘major failure’ and is able to be rectified; or

• the right to seek a full refund if the failure to comply is a ‘major failure’ or cannot be rectified. An example of a ‘major failure’ is where a reasonable consumer would not have acquired the service if the consumer had been fully aware of the nature and extent of the failure